My First Guest, Erica Miner, Coming Up Soon!

Hello Violin and Book Lovers,

Erica Miner, former professional violinist later turned author, poet and screenwriter, has agreed to an interview, which I will be posting here soon. Erica’s story is both sad and inspiring. After winning the coveted position of violinist at the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City, Erica had a tragic accident which forced her to say goodbye to her violinist career forever. It was then that she turned to writing. But I won’t say anymore, as I don’t want to give too much away before her interview!

Her website is

On another note, today I bought an EMI Classics cd–The Brahms concerto played by Izthak Perlman. I really needed this one for listening in my car. I have the Ida Haendel DVD where she plays this concerto, but I didn’t have the cd. I just LOVE the first movement. I love the combination of passion and forcefulness with pure sweetness.

My daily practice is going well–today I added a few short musical pieces (from Suzuki 2) just for fun. They left me a bit ‘unmoved’ though. I better start playing some nice Christmas pieces now that the holidays are approaching…



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